Become an IPTV Promotions Reseller

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🌟 Become an IPTV Promotions Reseller
Step into a profitable venture with the IPTV Promotions Reseller Program. Deliver a premium IPTV service to your clients, curating a memorable experience through high-quality TV channels and an extensive VOD collection. If you’re new to our ecosystem, claim a 24-hour free trial to explore our offerings in-depth. This trial gives you unhindered access to all TV channels and VODs for a full day.

📝 Understanding the Reseller Plan

  1. Kick Off: Choose a plan based on the credits you seek.
  2. Customer Acquisition: Forge your own client base. Here’s a strategy blueprint:
    • Launch a website to advertise your services.
    • Engage audiences on online forums.
    • Establish a presence on platforms like Instagram.
    • Harness the power of email marketing.
    • Don’t overlook local markets. Engage your community.
  3. Pricing Model: You’re in control of pricing. While you have the freedom, we advise against underselling our recommended rate. As a guideline, consider offering a 1-month subscription for $30.
  4. Service Provisioning: Post a successful sale, utilize the reseller panel to generate and forward a subscription line to your client. Plus, you have the option to cultivate sub-resellers.
  5. Credits Top-Up: Need more credits? Replenish as required!

🛍️ Reseller Plan Highlights

  • Produce 20 test lines every day.
  • Enjoy an unlimited credit capacity.
  • Generate lines: M3U, M3U8, Mag, and Enigma2.
  • Offer single line support.
  • Create diverse subscriptions: 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months.
  • Exercise full control over paid and test lines.
  • Renew both active and expired lines.
  • Personalize your client’s playlist.
  • Venture into sub-reselling.
  • Rely on server maintenance and dedicated reseller support from IPTV Promotions.
  • Curious about our interface? Get a reseller panel demo. Contact us via Email/WhatsApp.

🔄 Decoding the Credits System
Imagine your reseller panel has 50 credits. You sell a one-month subscription at $19. Crafting this subscription deducts a single credit, leaving you with 49. In this transaction, you’ve earned $19 and expended one credit. Launch your journey with 50 credits, inclusive of the panel, at the Beginner Plan priced at $160.


💼 IPTV Reseller Packages
Every plan includes the reseller panel. If you’re already onboard, we’ll simply add credits to your current panel. Rest assured, your credits are here to stay; they have a lifetime validity.

Beginner25LifetimeUS$160.00Get Started
Starter50LifetimeUS$320.00Get Started
Pro100LifetimeUS$600.00Get Started
Premium200LifetimeUS$1,160.00Get Started
Ultimate500LifetimeUS$2,800.00Get Started